Gypsy Moon is a film that takes place at the turn of the 19th century.

Status: Post Production
Written & Directed by: Tony Gibson
Editor: Paul Foster
Visual Effects: Paul Foster

In November of 2015, Paul Foster sat down and wrote what was to be an eleven page 10 minute short film. Five revisions later Unwanted was ready to go. In January 2016 we assembled an incredible cast of local talent in East Texas. In May, cast and crew descended on the historic Holman House, a 103 year old home that was well known in the area for its paranormal activity. Over the next 30 days we shot the film and had our own experiences in the house. As the story Unwanted came to life.

The story pulls from real life experiences that have occurred over the years in the Holman house as we tell the story of Ryan and Shannon. A young couple looking to move out of the city and start a family in a more rural community. Their bliss was soon dashed with the realities of the house and its history. with an run time of 73 minutes. Unwanted will keep you on the edge of your seat as a dark secret is revealed. You can now order Unwanted right here! Be sure to check it out on and it is coming to amazon for purchase and rental in the near future.

Status: Released Jan 13th, 2017
Written & Directed by: Paul Foster

Ron Holloman a writer and local historian has brought us in to shoot the promotional trailer for London Texas. Ron has spent 17 years studying the history and perfecting this incredible story about the disaster that shook the country to its core, 3:15 PM March 18, 1937 a gas leak in the London High School crawl space ignited destroying the school and taking the lives of 300 people mostly students.

The story pulls from real life experiences from the survivors and retells the story in a way that only those who were there would understand. This feature length movie has all the makings of bringing this moment in history back to the front of our national discussion.

Status: Pre-Production
Written by: Ron Holloman
Directed by: Paul Foster

River Bottom is an investigative thriller that follows the investigation of a murdered 10 year old girl.

Detective Michael Cole is assigned to investigate the gruesome murder of a 10 year old girl that was found down in the river bottoms.

Status: Development
Written & Directed by: Paul Foster